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What our

patrons say

"Ear Candy…I've been to quite a few productions at the Newton Cultural Centre. I didn't know what to expect at first - Naked Stage? But you soon forget there are no sets, costumes or props and just get into the production, therefore… Ear Candy. It’s community theatre with a twist. Affordable and fun and you see different productions that you don't see elsewhere."

C. Newton

"Naked Stage has opened so many doors for actors and audiences alike in Surrey. As an actor who travels so often to Vancouver for auditions, it was such a pleasure to audition and perform in 2019 for a Naked Stage production in my own hometown! So honoured to have this team of creative artists and producers working so hard in our own community. Keep up the good work!"

S. Morgan

"I now understand the name 'Naked Stage': there is no staging. And better than the performers actually being naked on stage, which would be distracting, they bring wonderful life to the plot and characters just through the way they speak the words. In fact, in the two performances I have attended, I appreciated the script much more by not being distracted by scenery, props and movement!"

P. Byer

"I've missed only one or two of the performances so far, and I really enjoyed all of them. The chain-rattler in the play about Scrooge was excellent and the Southern Belles in the Savannah Sipping Society - I just loved them all!"

S. Foran

"My favourite NS production was Alabama Story. I loved the story of quiet resistance and resilience of an "every-person" in the form of the unassuming librarian who stood her ground, and through her quiet resistance, forced a change…Alabama Story affirms that the only reality is Love, the only answer is kindness, quiet service and compassion…"

E. Zales

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