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What We Were Up to in December

Friends of the White Rock Library Christmas Show

2023 - By Rebecca Harrison

How do you feel about the month of December? Do you

celebrate Christmas? Perhaps its Hannukah or Kwanzaa or

another holiday that you grew up with. Maybe the traditions

are strong in your family or maybe you grew up with very little

traditions. Possibly, over the years, the people that you

celebrate with are chosen family, more than original family.

For many, December brings warm feelings and

opportunities to celebrate with the people they love. For

many, there may be feelings of obligation to be with family

members who trigger difficult emotions. Some may feel

pressure to create magic for their children or their entire

extended family. The stress of decorating, shopping for the

perfect gift, baking or cooking special meals can be all too

much. I hope that you take some pressure off yourself this

year. We’re all just silly humans after all. Nobody is perfect. I

hope that you get to spend some time with people who are

warm and fun to be with.

I’ve been fortunate to be involved with the Naked Stage

Society Theatre Company for about a year now. I find everyone

I’ve met warm and fun to be with. Last year, I attended their

staged reading of A Christmas Carol, the famous story of

Scrooge, at the Friends of the White Rock Public Library. It was

free and I enjoyed the tea and Christmas treats. The show itself

was beautiful. I laughed, I cried, and I felt a warmth in the

audience all around me. I left the library that day feeling

uplifted and reminded of the true meaning of this special time

of year ~ to be kind and loving to our fellow humans.

This year I was lucky to be one of the readers for the

Friends of the White Rock Library Christmas show. It happened

on Sat Dec 9 at 2:00 pm. The show was free and approximately

one hour long. The library volunteers served tea, coffee, and

lovely treats. The library also raffled beautiful Christmas floral

arrangements after the show.

We read a heartwarming chapter from The Wind in The

Willows, as well as the touching story, The Gift of the Magi.

When I first read each piece, as well as during our rehearsals, I

laughed and definitely shed a tear or two. It felt warm and fun

to be with fellow humans, creating something together.

The lights of the White Rock Pier and surrounding area are

lovely, and so it was worth an early evening stroll, as well as a

visit to the White Rock Museum gift shop and craft fair, with my

daughter joining me.

We want to thank the Friends of the White Rock Library

and the guests who joined us in December. It was so nice to

share an hour together and some cheer. We hope you are

touched by the magic of this season and the warmth of being

together, chosen family, original family and friends. Merry

Christmas and Happy Holidays from Naked Stage Society

Readers Theatre!!


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